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Spectacular fabric printed on 100% cotton base that takes us back to another era and reminds us of a classic Jacquard of vegetables, with avery fashionable vintage look. We want to dedicate the article to artists capable of offering a contemporary vision of the vintage.






Akim as furniture

“Gaulino” by Oscar Tusquets. “Gaulino” could look like a chair designed by Gaudí in the early twentieth century, but was actually conceived in 1986 by Oscar Tusquets, considered one of the best designs in Spain. In the words of Tusquets: “In this work, some critics have detected my admiration for Salvador Dalí, but when I saw it finished, it seemed to me that the obvious influences came from Antoni Gaudí and Carlo Mollino: that is why the chair was called Gaulino. Although its appearance is totally handmade, the Gaulino was my first truly industrial project in wood; There I realized what the machines could get to do. I learned and had a lot of fun and I consider it one of my best jobs. ”

Gaulino, 1986

Gaulino, 1986

Oscar Tusquets junto con la Gaulino

Oscar Tusquets next to Gaulino

Furniture designed by Gaudí in 1902, where you can clearly see the influences of the Gaulino.


Akim as photograpy

Matthieu Bourel. This Berliner uses all kinds of materials and techniques to transform vintage photographs, offering a new visual perspective.


Matthieu Bourel

Matthieu Bourel-02

Matthieu Bourel-03