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The great imagination of Amazonas

The monumental jungle moves to the collection that bears his name: Amazon. Güell Lamadrid presents this floral tissue 100 % linen, that transport us to the most exotic region, through two printings: Iguazu, flowers and vegetation with a watercolor appearance; and Amazon, a colonial style with stronger colors.





With this collection we get into the deep woods to discover the most profound corners of magic, imagining a fantasy world where nature is the protagonist of the story of a child.

Amazon as a painter

Henri Rousseau (1844-1910). He was a famous French painter and one of the main representatives of naïve art. His best-known paintings show jungle scenes that we could imagine in our heads when we think of the Amazon tropical life. It shows an environment sometimes unreal. He never lived there, so he based his paintings on the inspiration of children’s stories, botanical gardens and the oldest zoo in Paris. We see some of his paintings in this collection, it reminds us of what Rousseau imagined in his fantasies and takes us to his particular exotic world.

Henri Rousseau


Amazon as an illustrator

Nathalie LétéShe is a very versatile French artist. Her illustrations are in form of drawings, ceramics, clothing, jewelry, carpets, paper, ceramics, children’s games, fabrics… Her characteristic style and daring reminds us of a universe full of fantasy and nature. She has this particular touch of naïve imagination that reminds of our Amazon collection. Thanks to her peculiarity she collaborated with fashion brands such as Issey Miyake or Antrophologie, with which she created a storefront in exclusivity for the brand.


Nathalie Lete


Amazon as a fashion film

“Trembled Blossoms” by Prada. Prada, the Italian fashion brand, presented an animated fashion film for Spring-Summer 2008 collection, following a fantasy style typical of a fairy tale. James Jean, responsible for the artistic concept, along with James Lima, the director, tell us the story of a woman walking an imaginary forest, surrounded by natural elements with dream-like touches. Its many colors, the Oberon and the visual metaphors of transformation reminds us of the fabrics of the collection. “Trembled Blossoms” breathes that childish fantasy so characteristic of Prada.


Amazon as an artistic work

Oma Forest, by Agustín Ibarrola. The Oma Forest (Omako basoa, in Basque) is an artistic work, located in the Natural Reserve of Urdaibai, in the Basque town of Cortézubi and created by the sculptor and painter Agustín Ibarrola between 1982 and 1985. A total of 47 pieces are painted on the trunks of trees that look as forms and different patterns. It has an eight-kilometer route which gives the feeling of walking through an enchanted forest.


Bosque de Oma