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The wildest collections of Güell Lamadrid


A linen printed with a drawing of the Nandi or sacred cows of India that give the name to the collection, inspired by some original oil paintings from India. The ranges of color range from blue celadons to terracotta, mustard, going through a range of raw and beige and another of stones and grays.



Our little tribute to the marine fauna, this time on perched cotton with anti-stain treatment. To emphasize the detail and the definition that is achieved with digital printing techniques.


Chicken Run

Prints of traditional and rural echoes with a motif of roosters and chickens on fabrics of two colors. Undoubtedly, these realistic prints of poultry will not leave anyone indifferent. Its two colors, earth and vibrant yellow, will bring a classic touch at the same time unconventional to kitchens and living rooms.



This collection stands out for its design, spectacular pheasants that symbolize the beauty and freedom of the Renaissance era. It is very colorful and has different versions in shades: brown, beige, gray and garnet. It is a 100% cotton fabric.



We’ve seen it on the catwalks, the animal print is still the protagonist. We present a fabric with the exotic touch of an animal print of leopard skin on thick fabric.


Wild Jungle

Evocative fabric composed of a cotton satin stamped with a figurative design of animals and vegetation that we would only find in the African savannah.


Pheasant Hunt

Spectacular design of nature printed on 100% high quality cotton fabric. You will find it in six tones.


Animals in the history of art


We take a look to some of the most recognized works in the history of art in which animals appear as protagonists. And is that animals have always inspired the human being. An opportunity to honor them and recognize the importance of caring for them and respecting them.


“Cave canem” mosaic. Pompeia, Casa di Orfeo, VI.14.20


Egyptian animal


“A Young Hare” (1502) by Albrecht Dürer


“Chicos con mastín” (1786) by Francisco Goya


“Horse in motion” (1878) by Eadweard Muybridge


“Yellow cow” (1911) by Franz Marc


“Self-portrait with monkeys” (1943) by Frida Kahlo


“El toro” (1946) by Pablo Picasso


Series of works by David Hockney of his dogs