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Bahamas, a very tropical collection

Printed fabric with tropical motifs of palm trees on velvet cotton/viscose base, available in 3 spectacular and original color combinations: terracotta and ochre on a black base, green on a beige base, khakis and grey on a raw base.





Bahamas, the isle of artists


Amos Ferguson

The work of Amos Ferguson is known for his biblical stories and the vibrant scenes of the Bahamas. He did not become an artist until he was about 40 years old. It began to exhibit in galleries in the Bahamas in 1972, but the international recognition did not arrive until 1978 when Sukie Miller, an American collector, bought some of his paintings. His works are made of cardboard and pieces of wood, using house paints. He later sold his work from his home on Exuma Street (which now wears his name: Amos Ferguson Street).





Jackson Burnside

Jackson Burnside is a cultural icon of the Bahamas, whose love for the country manifested itself in an extraordinary and diverse way throughout his life. He was born and raised in New Providence, Bahamas. For much of his life, Burnside was a notable architect and painter of the Bahamas. Throughout his career, he actively participated in community and cultural affairs.





Janine Antoni

She is a contemporary artist who creates works of performance, sculpture and photography. One of the most characteristic things about this artist is that she uses her own body as a working tool: her mouth, hair, eyelashes and even her brain through the technological scanning. This way, using his body as an entity, she manages to make her work blur the distinction between performance and sculpture, and, in addition, in each piece, regardless of the medium or the image, she speaks directly to the viewer, situating her on the edge of the artistic manifestation and provocation.