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Barbados, a tropical collection

Barbados is an outdoor collection inspired by three Caribbean islands, Guadeloupe, Jamaica and Barbados.

Guadalupe: it is a design of green palm leaves on a crude background, with a shaded line that adds volume to the drawing.

Jamaica: outdoor patterned design that draws green leaves of palm without stem on raw background.

Barbados: design that gives name to the collection, an oasis of acidic and intense green drawn like a toile de Jouy.



Barbados, a very artistic island


We present a series of Barbadian painters and artists, an explosion of color and expressiveness of the island.


Ras Akyem

His work is strongly influenced by the Rastafarian movement. There is something in his strokes that remind us of the paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat.





Sheena Rose

Sheena is a multidisciplinary artist. Her work includes hand-drawn animations, drawings, paintings, performance and new media. She is also known for her artistic presence on Instagram (@sheenaroseartist).







Neville LeGall

Neville “Oluyemi” LeGall is an internationally recognized painter and photographer, since his works have been exhibited in galleries in the United States and Europe. Its colorful and exquisite watercolors and oil paintings capture the exuberance and culture of Barbados.