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Bosque, the most exotic collection

A collection inspired by the most profound jungle. Its two monocolour patterns of tropical inspiration, one made of leaves and another one toile-style, have three different colours: green, blue and beige, a great palette to give the warmth and freshness of the jungle to any room.




Bosque as a masterpiece

“The Dream” by Henri Rousseau. The Dream is a wonderful painting that represent Yadwigha, a young Polish lover of Rousseau, surrounded by a colourful jungle. Rousseau was a famous French pintor well-known for his naif style. Some of his painting didn’t get much attention, that’s why in order to avoid misunderstandings the artist wrote a poem titled Inscription pour la Rêve that accompanied the painting:


Yadwigha dans un beau rêve
S’étant endormie doucement
Entendait les sons d’une musette
Dont jouait un charmeur bien-pensant.
Pendant que la lune reflète
Sur les fleuves [ou fleurs], les arbres verdoyants,
Les fauves serpentes prêtent l’oreille
Aux transmit gais de l’instrument.
Yadwigha en un hermoso sueño
Se ha dormido suavemente
Oye el sonido de un piccolo oboe
Interpretado por un bien intencionado encantador [de serpientes].
Mientras la luna se reflejaba
En los ríos [o las flores], los árboles verdes,
Las serpientes salvajes escuchan
Las alegres melodías del instrumento.



Bosque as a photographer

Sebastiao Salgado. Salgado is a great Brazilian sociodocumental photographer. He spends his time to portrait the work of people in non-developed countries or in poverty situation, and also amazing landscapes and animal wildlife. His last exhibition “Genesis” is the result of eight years of work in which he has photographed “the remaining pristine environments, their animals and their people” in 32 countries. Part of this series are the photographs taken to yalis women  from an indigenous village in the West Papua jungle.




Bosque as a novel

“Un viejo que leía novelas de amor” by Luis Sepúlveda. It tells the story of Antonio José Bolívar Proaño, an old and poor man who decided to live in a tribe in the Amazon rainforest. There he learns to live in freedom, facing great dangers, to respect animals. But the Indians expelled him, and he moved to El Idilio, a nearby town, to devote himself to reading sad novels of love in solitude. A delicate and undoubtedly very special novel.




Bosque as a song

“Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns & Roses. We finish the article with a song that uses the jungle as a metaphor to talk about the spree and the Rock & Roll. Welcome to the jungle.