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Cinema: inspired by Orson Welles

Cinema is a book that includes several fabrics that can work separately due to their individual personality. We can find Orson‘s bicolor effect and subtle vertical fantasy. Easily matching with it, Welles‘s little herringbone is available in different colors. Finally, Kane‘s carved velvet brings in a risky and vanguard touch while calico prints in George offer the perfect dose of sensitivity. Different elements fit together and create a memorable experience. Just like a great movie.






Shall we see the making off?


Cinema according to a work of art

Rembrandt’s “The night watch”. Sometimes dark, sometimes bright. This genius chiaroscuro portrays a complex athmosphere. Picking just one character in this canvas is not enough, as choosing just a fabric in Cinema is missing the chance of matching patterns with carved velvets or subtle vertical fantasies.




Cinema according to a song

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. Like classic operas did, this song reaches a point where it seems each single part does not belong to the same entity. Sometimes dinamic as the herringbone in Welles, sometimes funny as the flowers in George and sometimes sensitive as the vertical fantasies in Orson.



Cinema according to a movie

“Citizen Kane”, de Orson Welles. The striking carved velvet in this collection is named after this film by Orson Welles. The movie is considered by many as the pioneer of modern cinema thanks to a surprising edition, with a multifaceted mixture to illustrate the personality of the misterious Charles Foster Kane.




Cinema according to a city

Los Ángeles, USA. Much more than the place where movies come from and where stars live (Welles among them, of course), LA is also one of the biggest cultural metropolis in the world, where one can find unique contrasts as the ones that can be created with the fabrics in Cinema.




And from your point of view, what does Cinema and the fabrics in it inspire you?