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Fabrics that come to life

As the lovers fabrics we are, we couldn’t resist sharing with you some artists who use fabrics for inspiration in their work. Incredible works that leave us with open mouth. We hope they provoke the same feelings.

Tasha Lewis

This artist uses different fabrics to create a piece, sewing them together to create these original sculptures. Faces, bodies and animals that graze an impressive realism.


esculturas-tela-arte-trapo-12 - copia


Benjamin Shine

This British artist loves to experiment with different textures and objects to create his works and he finally found a new use for the tulle. In his last exhibition, “The Dance”, he used 200 meters of this fabric and iron to create realistic scenes and portraits full of light and shadow that, from a distance, might seem perfectly painted pictures.




Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam

This Japanese artist has found her specialization in textile art. Particularly in large installations made with knit and crochet, as the one we present today. This public playground was the first project that she created in Europe, precisely in our country, in the city of Zaragoza in 2011. The aesthetic color and large proportions immediately attracts the attention of everyone. Check it with your own eyes!