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Flower Power

We present a selection of floral print Güell Lamadrid collections. Discover different options so that your rooms are filled with the unique and unique essence of flowers.



It is a fabric composed of two drawings printed on a 100% linen base of floral motifs with vivid and exotic colors. This fabric responds to the great demand that there is currently of tropical drawings, ideal for colonial decorations.



Printed fabric in a floral style with intense colors on a linen and cotton base.



It is considered the father of sculpture from the Renaissance period. It is a drawing that forms a floral embossed pattern. Donatello has 3 references in gray, blue and white tones. It is a 100% cotton fabric.



Floral fantasy printed on cotton fabric. Discover the experience of colors on four backgrounds of different shades and with an anti-stain treatment that makes it a great bet.



Printed pattern of English flowers on linen-viscose fabric, where blue, gray and pink colors are the protagonists. A cool fabric ideal for romantic decorations.



Printed botanical fantasy fabric where color and exuberance are the protagonists. Botanical fantasies that are presented on a natural fabric, with an anti-stain treatment that is the icing on its quality, providing great usability.



For nostalgic people: cretonne patterned with floral motifs that envelops you in that warm and familiar atmosphere that invites you to remember and relive intimate moments…



Printed fabric on natural base in two very special shades that bring great personality to the fabric and a high quality thanks to a stain treatment.



Monochrome floral print in cotton-linen inspired by the Asia of the Mediterranean ideal for curtains and accessories. This fresh and monochrome print captures the tranquility of Turkey, its light and its vegetation.


Flowers are made to be watched

We invite you to stop your busy life for a second and watch the flowers closely. Take four minutes of your time to see this wonderful video made by Jamie Scott. It is a hypnotic piece where you can see in time-lapse the movement of the flowers dancing to the sound of the song Bloom by Jim Perkins. An authentic work of art that cost him no more or less than 3 years to record. With his Canon 5D Mark II and a 24mm lens he began shooting in and out of the studio. Even though you had to fight against complicated framing situations, and deal with flowers that bloom at different rates, the result is truly exceptional.