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From London with love

London is a new and spectacular velvet available in 30 colours. That is why we are dedicating this post to enhance velvet and colour throughout different disciplines that have used them with mastery. We hope they inspire you.






London as a movie

Blue Velvet, written and directed by David Lynch (1986). It was the film that launched David Lynch to the spotlight and it is considered one of the best examples of surrealism. A mysterious and intriguing movie where strange events occur in a little town in North Carolina.




London as a music band

If we have to mention a music band in this article this should be The Velvet Underground, one of the most important groups of the 60s. It was created in New York city by the great Lou Reed and John Cale.



London as a masterpiece

“Reclining Girl” by François Boucher 1752. It is considered the most erotic nude of the whole French Rococo style. The sofa, the velvet, the luxurious room, that mustard colour, that provocation… The whole piece reminds us of the London Collection.



London as a building

The Royal Opera House in London, built in 1732 by John Rich. That velvet curtains, that sophistication and elegance converts it, without any doubts, into one of the most beautiful theatres in the world. A beautiful place where velvet has a majestic presence.



London as a novel

“The woman with the black velvet necklace” by Alexandre Dumas, a horror novel published in 1851. It tells the story of Theodor Hoffman, a painter, composer and German writer. The novel is set in Paris and it is full of museums, libraries, operas and artists where numerous supernatural events take place.