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Gala is one of the collections of Güell Lamadrid. These are two imposing romantic prints with drawings of flowered flowers.





Leyre and Gala. This last name inspires us as much as inspired Dalí. We want to dedicate this article to the muses that throughout history have inspired artists from all over the world.


Gala as Gala Éluard Dalí

In 1894 Elena Ivanovna Diakonova, later known as Gala Éluard Dalí, was born in a family of intellectuals from Kazan (Russia). From a very young age she became the muse of painters like Max Ernst or André Breton. But it was not until 1932 when he married Dalí, when she became part of a creative relationship full of love, insanity and inspiration. Dali used to say that she was “the only one who saved him from insanity and an early death.” Dalí’s numerous paintings of her show the deep love he professed. “Signing my paintings as Gala-Dalí, I give name to an existential truth, because I would not exist without my twin Gala.” Salvador Dalí.


Gala as Zelda Fitzgerald

Zelda Fitzgerald published an autobiographical novel, “Save Me the Waltz”, and was recognized for inspiring many heroines born of her husband’s pen: F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Zelda Fitzgerald


Gala as Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve, world icon and French actress, was the muse of Luis Buñuel, who immortalized it in “Belle de jour” and deserved for it the César Prize.