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Glorious, the glory of birds

Glorious is a drawing of herons made by the famous interior designer and television presenter Genevieve Gorder. This design is one of its identity prints and comes to Europe thanks to Güell Lamadrid.






And since this is about birds, we are going to dedicate this article to take a tour through different disciplines in which birds are the main characters.


“Glorious” as a movie

“The Birds”, by Alfred Hitchock (1963). A masterpiece. They say that the famous scene in which the protagonist, Tippi Hedren, is attacked by the birds is real. And it is said that Tippi had a horrible fear, and although Hitchock promised that he would use lie birds, he released the real birds, getting the reaction of horror and panic he wanted: a real one.


“Glorious” as a work of art

The birds of René Magritte. If an artist uses birds, that is René Magritte, always with his surrealistic touch, trying to mislead the observer. We love it.





Glorious as a novel

“Juan Salvador Gaviota” by Richard Bach. It is a tale in the form of a novel that tells the story of a seagull and its learning about life and flying, with the intention of narrating a personal path of improvement. Precious.