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Tribu Collection

We present you a fabric with a fun geometric design reminiscent of the “patchwork” technique, used by ancient Persian nomadic tribes to make kilims. It comes in two color ranges.




The geometries of Sonia Delaunay


Sonia Delaunay, an artist of Russian origin and a key figure in the first Parisian avant-garde, began her artistic career with her husband and painter Robert Delaunay. They met in Paris, when Robert exhibited paintings in the Fauvist style, a movement that began to be cultivated at this time, with Henri Matisse as a forerunner, uniting the mastery of color, the rejection of canons and the taste for simplifying figures.



Her work was based on contrasting color and dissolutiing form through light, which she led them towards abstraction. Sonia played a fundamental role in the development of simultaneism.



She expanded beyond painting, reflecting her art in fashion, fabrics and book design, among others. In fact, she is remembered as one of the first artists to capture abstract geometry in swimsuits and dresses, and inspire other designers to bring the two worlds together.





It all started when her first and only son Charles was born. At that time, Sonia broke away from painting to move on to abstract design when she created a work from a quilt for her son, made with multiple scraps. It was from there that he began to create decorative objects, collages and bindings for Apollinaire poetry books and a large artistic production focused on the design of clothing, objects and advertising posters.





Sonia died on December 5, 1979 in Paris, leaving behind a huge legacy to art history.