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Itaca: botanical fantasies on natural fabric

Itaca is a marvelous compilation of floral patterns, with a great variety of hues, styles and colors. Nature is not only present in its motives, but in the composition of fabrics. Thanks its wide range of samples suitable for upholstery and courtains, ideas can flourish everywhere.





Discover what is behind Itaca and get inspired with us.


Itaca according to a piece of art

“The sunflowers” by Vincent Van Gogh. This collection is an homage to flowers and their representations so it owes something to the most famous floral still life in History.



Itaca according to a song

“La valse d’Amélie” by Yann Tiersen. Few soundtracks capture the sensitivity of a main character as the music in Amélie. The large variety of flowers and emotions found in Itaca remembers us of this parisian girl and the brilliant musical score by Yann Tiersen.



Ítaca according to a movie

“Marie Antoniette” by Sofia Coppola. Defined as sophisticated, indie and even superficial. But no one can deny that the barroque and precious athmosphere in this film is as exuberant as the personality of the latest rococó queen. Her majesty would have loved it.




Itaca according to a city

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Despite tulip and other flower markets are found all across the Netherlands, the capital embodies the great amount of colors and shapes that have sprouted in such a small country.




What does Itaca inspire you?