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Lorenzo, collection inspired in the Islands Thousand

The Lorenzo collection, of Güell Lamadrid, is inspired by the drawings that make up the archipelagos of the Thousand Islands, located between the border of the United States and Canada, on the San Lorenzo River, and in the hues that their treetops have in conjunction with the water of the river and its architecture. It is a very resistant fabric with a very upholstered look and is presented in an elegant range of 4 colors: yellow, blue, red and black.




The patterns of Gunjan Aylawadi


Gunjan Aylawadi is an industrial designer and self-taught artist. She was born in India and currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Aylawadi is inspired by repetitive geometric patterns and the meditative works of Indian art and architecture.



Influenced by her science and design education, Aylawadi’s work is textural, pure, and distinct. She takes her memories of the vibrant Indian collages and reinterprets them in a contemporary and aesthetic way. Her geometric work is meticulous, where the paper is both material and color.






Aylawadi uses the geometry and tension of curled strips of paper, creating contrasting shapes and colors that represent the rituals, ceremonies, and smells experienced at a specific place or moment in time.