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Natural Fibers II

With Natural Fibers II, nature and its immense color range have inspired us, mixing it with textures with character and creativity.

We present a vibrant palette distributed in three great color waterfalls that translate a sensation of freshness, simplicity and trend. Along these ranges, we find a mixture of warm, neutral and cold colors, like reds and beiges, browns and greens, blues and grays. It is a rainbow that combines textures of high quality and natural fibers of great nobleness, such as the cotton and linen.




The world is out there waiting for us


We want to dedicate this article to make an ode to the beauty of Earth. The world that is waiting for us, once all this is over. We want to express a thought about the relationship between human beings and nature. In order to do so, we have selected some images from different artists that explore that relationship. With this selection we invite you to think about her beauty and the various ways we interact with her. We hope that it helps us get aware of how important is to achieve a respectful and balanced relationship between nature and us.


Kata Geibl


Nicolò Panzeri


Nina Raasch


Osamu Yokonami


Sonia Szóstak


Thea Caroline


Toby Coulson