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Nobel collection, a whole range of colours

We present the new smooth multipurpose that imitates linen, but with maximum strength and optimal maintenance, in 290 cm and available in an 18 color palette.





A rainbow of colours


The Nobel collection is in nothing more and nothing less than 18 colors, that is why we wanted to dedicate the article to an artist who has managed to recreate the entire rainbow in an architectural space through light.



We are referring to the artist Liz West and her immersive art installation in the form of a rainbow tunnel on the fourth floor of the Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces Federation House in Manchester. The intervention was presented during the Bristol Biennale 2016.



West was interested in the influence and perception of the luminous color in the architectural space and in the visitors who experienced it, so she transformed the space into a sensory and visceral experience. She filled it with a spectacular rainbow made with artificial chromatic light to test the psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual responses that visitors experience during the tour.