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Pacific, a collection inspired by India

A collection of stripes woven and inspired by India. Its colors represent the sunrise (Mustard Yellow and Olive Green), evening (Indian Red and Beige) and dusk (Denim Blue and Elephant Gray) of the city of Hyderabad, known as “the city of pearls”. Five stripes of different combinations and sequences on the same quality of cotton. Ideal to give a touch of color to any decor.





That is why we dedicate this article to India, its magic and charm.

Pacific as a novel

“Passion India” by Javier Moro. It is a love story that blends with very relevant historical events in India as well as in Spain.

Pasion India


Pacific like a movie

“The Exotic Marigold Hotel” by John Madden (2012). A British comedy directed by John Madden and written by Ol Parker, based on the novel “These Foolish Things” of Deborah Moggach. It tells the story of a group of senior citizens traveling to India to enjoy their retreat. However, what they find on their arrival is not even the shadow of what this hotel was on its best days.

At first these newcomers are dissatisfied with this situation, but as they begin to make new friends and make unexpected discoveries, they realize that life and love can arise again when they manage to leave their past behind.





Pacific as architecture

Charles Correa (1930-2015). He was an Indian architect, urbanist, activist, theoretician and a fundamental figure in the world panorama of contemporary architecture. His work in India shows a careful development, understanding and adapting modernism to a non-Western culture. In his early works he used a local autochthonous style in a modern setting. Throughout his work he has placed a special emphasis on conserving resources, energy and climate as the main factors when ordering space.



Charles Correa

Charles Correa