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Luxury and bohemian style go together

We present a selection of Güell Lamadrid collections made in cashmere. Options that will give a bohemian and sophisticated atmosphere to any room.



The Paisley returns with strength in aged linen. A decorative proposal that transports you to a fresh colonial atmosphere where the “British style” coexists with nature. Ciryl is an elegant cashmere printed on 100% linen.


El Tiemblo

A collection inspired by the magic forest of stories, a cashmere pattern printed in 3 ranges of color on a 100% cotton base that looks like something out of a fairy tale.



This collection is colorful and made in a 100% cotton fabric. It has a cashmere pattern with a blurred effect, it seems that the fabric is already wasted, like the old works of the Renaissance period.



A collection of cashmere printed on linen / cotton fabric that elegantly combines with plain and worked velvets of striped and floral designs.



Fabric of great personality thanks to the fact that it is a worked velvet and with Hindu inspiration motifs in intense colors. His personality leaves no one indifferent.



This print is available in 4 sober colors based on cotton / rayon and linen / rayon: blue, green, red and boiler. This drawing is a very elegant cashmere motif with an imposing rapport. The profiles and backgrounds are worked in an unstructured way, which makes the final look worn or vintage, perfect for the most exquisite decorations.



Printed with cashmere design and “vintage” floral motifs that are once again full of effervescence, with 100% cotton natural bases. With a very elegant color and a “retro” style.


Talitha Getty, icon of 1960’s Hippie/Bohemian Style

The collections of Güell Lamadrid remind us of the most fantastic stories taken from authentic tales of remote places. And when we think of an exotic story we think of Talitha Getty’s life. She was born in Java in 1940. Shee spent his early years, during World War II, with his mother in a Japanese prison camp. His father was interned in a separate camp. After the war, their parents became independent and Talitha moved to Britain with her mother, who died shortly after.



When she just turned sixteen, she was seen around the most chic London environment, her style did the rest. This boho chic was something completely groundbreaking, it had not even been baptized then. She was the first young woman of exotic features to wear patent leather miniskirts, mao pajamas, Greek sandals and fingers full of rings. She mixed everything: leather and feathers, silk and lurex, spirituality and frivolity, East and West. She wore Indian costume jewelery, Mexican hats, haute couture brocade coats and folk footwear, and collected Pucci, Missoni, Germana Marucelli, Gucci and Halston.




She met her husband at a dinner organized by Claus von Bülow. It was John Paul Getty Jr., son of Jean Paul Getty, the founder of the oil company Getty Oil and according to the press “the richest and stingiest man in the world”.



They married a few months later, she wearing an outfit that would become one of her most iconic images: a minidress with a hood topped with white mink.



[Talitha] arrived like a gust of wind, bringing a tornado with her when she married John Paul Getty Jr. She brought something new to that family and that whole world. She was a very beautiful woman who had never even thought about being dressed by a haute couture house, despite having the means to do so; she dressed a bit like a hippie. She was very touching, and she was very pretty. Yes, she was all of that. But, above all, she was a completely free character, and that, that was very important.

Pierre Bergé, L’Officiel, 2016


The ‘socialite’ and her husband were part of the group of ‘luxury hippies’ that surrounded and protected the shy Saint Laurent. The couple spent their time between Rome and Marraquech, where the designer and Pierre Bergé had a holiday palace (Darr el-Hanch) and where they formed a gang with Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull.





Pierre Bergé, Talitha Getty and Yves Saint Laurent at Marrakech


On July 11, 1971, Talitha died from a heroine overdose in her apartment in Rome at the age of 30. The embodiment of bohemianism and luxury died, like many others, by the hands of excess.