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Collection inspired by the multiple and unique “colored beaches” that we can find around the world. Our source of inspiration was, in this case, beaches located on islands with sand in unique shades: from pink to green, going through many more colors until ending with shades of white, dark gray and deep black. A collection that includes both plain and line and checkered designs, which will undoubtedly be an indispensable wild card among the Güell Lamadrid collections.





Plain fabric inspired by the chromatic variety of the Holbox lagoon, located in the Mexican Caribbean, which promises to be an indispensable “best seller” within the Güell Lamadrid collections. It is presented in 12 colors.   

Porto Ferro

Fabric with raw background and multi-colored striped design coordinated with Ramla Bay and Komodo. Available in 3 color ranges.

Ramla Bay

Plaid fabric with a crude background coordinated with Porto Ferro and Komodo. Available in 3 color ranges.


Fabric with raw bottom and herringbone pattern coordinated with Ramla Bay and Porto Ferro. Available in 6 colors.


“Beach Therapy” by Martin Parr


British photographer Martin Parr has spent many years documenting British society with irony and mockery. With his series of 12 medium format photos titled “Beach Therapy” he takes us on a trip to the world’s beaches: from Wales to Argentina. His photos question societies and their particular practices in these sometimes wild, sometimes tourist, natural or unnatural places and his objective is to make us reflect and question our own actions on the coast. With confinement, we can’t help but be impressed to see these photos with crowds of people…


ARGENTINA. Mar Del Plata. Grandé Beach



SPAIN. Benidorm


GB. Gales. Tenby


GB. Kent


ITALY. Sorrento