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Explore life with Regent’s Park

We can’t imagine the collection Regent’s Park as nothing else as a little life explorer. Güell Lamadrid shows us the collection in this way, which is divided into various fabrics. Holborn, an elegant pattern of birds; Pimlico, a very special floral print; and the original Regent’s Park, a patterned cotton travel.





We present this collection with the magic of travelling as the leitmotiv, in every sense and in very particular ways.


Regent’s Park as a character

Julio VerneHe was a writer, poet and French playwright, famous for his adventure novels. “Extraordinary Voyages” is one of his famous works. It’s the generic title given to his collection of books of travel and adventure. With them we travel to many places and many times, known and unknown places, but always to summarize geographic, geological, physical and astronomical knowledge, and the under the attractive story of the Universe.




Regent’s Park as an animal

The monarch butterfly. This specie of butterfly (Danaus plexippus) is one of the animals that migrate more to traveling to their destination. She travels a total of 8,047 km in summer from Mexican territory to Canadian forests.




Regent’s Park as a movie

Into the wild (2007). The young idealistic Christopher McCandless just graduated from college, everyone expects him great achievements but he decides to leave everything, donate all his money to charity and leave the civilized world to travel to the wild Alaska, enter in contact with nature and discover the true meaning of life. This film manages to capture the majesty of the wildest nature, so that captivates you and makes you hold your breath during two hours.





Regent’s Park as a place to discover

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China. This park is located in the center of the Wuling in China, and three quarters of its territory are mountains, so the landscapes that can be seen there are indescribably beautiful. The whole environment of lush flora includes endless varieties of species spread in very different areas. A jungle area with huge formations of stone shaped needle, clear water lakes, incredible caves and countless underground rivers. In addition, there were two species of dinosaurs discovered so far unknown.