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Sierra Leona & Rodesia, tribal spirit

Collection of fabrics with ethnic prints.


Sierra Leona

Printed fabric with ethnic stripes, 100% cotton base that coordinates with the Rodesia collection. Available in 3 colours: beige, black and navy blue.




Spectacular tribal design, 100% cotton base, available in 2 colours: grey and raw on a blue base and ochre on a dark base.



The tribal photography of Adam Koziol


Adam Koziol is a photographer from Poznań (Poland) whose documentary and photographic project deals with the forgotten tribal cultures which are condemned to disappear all over the world. He pays special attention to the phenotypes that makes them recognizable as tattoos, scarifications, ornaments or clothing. Its main objective is to make the world understand that his work may one day be the only way to know these cultures.

After having documented 50 tribes, he wants to launch a book that allows to enumerate and explain the culture and history of each one. His images are shocking and very emotional, and they make us aware of the situation, as well as submerging us in the daily life of some tribes on the verge of disappearance.