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Tackle: we immerse searching inspiration

Marine life chromaticism, the shinning of every scale and the inredible colors it displays have inspired this collection printed in a 100 % combed cotton fabric. An homage to scientific illustration and to the underwater world that will bring the sea colors to every home.





Do you want to know what is behind Tackle?


Tackle according to a work of art

“Much clearer down below” by Eric Zener. One of the best hiperrealist painters of the moment has specialized himself in cheerful underwater images. We love the bright reflections that bring to life the colors of his subjects.



Tackle according to a song

“Yellow submarine” by The Beatles. Underwater world can be as weird as the craziest songs by The Beatles. But this does not mean that this place is not real, because we can enjoy it at home whenever we want.


Tackle according to a film

“The life aquatic” by Wes Anderson. A tender homage to documentaries by Jacques Cousteau in the form of an adventure film by a director that many find eccentric because of his care of every shoot. In the same way, Tackle is full of detail thanks to digital printing.



Tackle according to a place

Cadaqués, Empordà, Spain. A sailor village that has always lived thanks to fishing and the sea. In the XXth century artists and intellectuals started going there on vacation, transforming it in a place where sea breeze brings inspiration and where new ideas can be captured.



What are you thoughs about Tackle? Shall we dive in it together?