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Tango, a collection inspired by India

Our new Tango Güell Lamadrid collection is composed of different ethnic prints in various colors inspired by Indian culture.




We have made a compilation of various artists of Indian origin across different disciplines who take us to this wonderful country full of nuances and contrasts.

To begin with, we present a video made by Daniel Klein & Mirra Fine entitled A Day in India that captures the essence of the country in just a few minutes.



Tango by an architect

Charles Correa (1930-2015). Correa was an Indian architect who understood and masterfully adapted modernity to a non-Western culture. It is considered one of the best modern architects. He had a decisive influence on urban design in independent India. “He sought an architecture that, although being intensely modern, was a renewal of identity and sense of place in a different homogenization of architecture practiced in the West Indian context,” said the architect Kapil Gupta in the Indian newspaper Mint.




Tango as a writer

Khushwant Singh (1915-2014). An Indo-Anglian novelist and journalist best known for his scathing secularism, sense of humor and an abiding love for poetry. “Train to Pakistan” is one of his most famous novels which helps us understand the richness and complexity of India.


Tango as an artist

Anish Kapoor. Kapoor is a British sculptor born in India and one of the most influential artists of the time. His work consists of abstract sculptures made of different materials: concrete, chalk, glass fibers, pigments, stone, felt and stainless steel. In all his pieces can be seen chromatic influence of India. A marvel.