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Tasmania & Queensland, pure romance


Printed fabric with bouquet of tropical and fruit motifs, 100% linen, available in 2 colours: linen and blue water effect.





Spectacular printed fabric with romantic style: flowers, birds, butterflies… 100% linen. Available on beige and raw colours.



The flowers of Brasch


The Tasmania and Queensland collections transport you to a romantic and bucolic world full of flowers. And that is why we have chosen the work of Studio Brasch, founded by Anders Brasch-Willumsen, and its two series of 3D representations of the floral world. The first one is called Digibana, where the Swedish art director has created some beautiful digitally-rendered flower arrangements inspired by the Japanese vegetable art Ikebana.






The next series is called Photosynergi, where Brasch has mapped the surface of one flower on the surface of another, using a combination of photography and CGI. The result is spectacular.