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Todra: geometry, color and fabrics of flames

With Todra we propose a range of colourful patterns that reminds us to the language from Mallorca with a delicious ikat effect. The light backgrounds in linen and cotton of ever fabric of this collection reconnects us to our Mediterranean essence.





Discover what references are behind this collection.


Todra as a masterpiece

“Mapa de carn” by Miquel Barceló. The wonderful piece made by this artist from Mallorca connects with the nomadic essence of Africa and the Mediterranean spirit. It is characteristic its bright colour, its primitive forms and the predominance of the fabric.  It is very Barceló, very Todra.




Todra as a song

“Meravigliosa criatura” by Gianna Nanini. An Italian voice, a Mediterranean language, is cooing every verse, just as the waves of the sea water our shorelines. The imperfect voice of Giana Nanini is the identity sign of all her songs, just as the irregularities of the geometric patterns convert Todra into a unique collection.



Todra as a film

Women without men by Shirin Neshat. A visual experience overwhelming and magnetic. In a way, the Iranian cinema has achieved what the Persian fabrics achieved during centuries: to be rich to our eyes not only in the more simple patterns, but those more complex too.


Women without men


Todra as a city

Palma, Isla Baleares. In which other place could we locate a tribute to the languages of Mallorca if not the island where they were originated? Palma is a cosmopolitan city, plenty of colour, with a Miquel’s Barceló chapel and the port of Arabs and Phoenicians and every other culture that created the Mediterranean identity.



What inspires Todra to you?