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It’s all about upholstering it

We dedicate this article to the best collections of Güell Lamadrid for upholstery. Find options of all styles so you can combine, innovate, and upholster sofas, armchairs, cushions as you want. Upholstery is a real art!



A collection of versatile fabrics in a wide variety of colors, suitable for all tastes and needs. It is a young, upholstered collection and very resistant. Choose among its 31 references: smooth, spikes, stripes and flowers.

We highlight the Alaka fabric made of velvet woven stripes with great versatility since they offer great possibilities and the Riad floral velvet that perfectly combines with the smooth and the spikes of this collection.



This original fabric recreates a print effect “pixelated” and is edited in green, gray and natural colors.




For all those who love velvet but need something more creative, this is their collection. An option full of glamor, striking, with styled and all kinds of fantasies about chenille for the more daring.

We highlight the Coley cotton/viscose styled velvet with a very original design and great personality, available in four intense colors and the Gillian velvet with bright print design that imitates snake skin in three striking colors.



The sophisticated, elegant and at the same time so natural style of the Italian villas has inspired this collection composed of two exclusive prints of the highest level, Nicola and Veranda. At first glance they could look like a classic drawing of jacquard woven vegetables or a vintage petit-point craftsmanship.




The fabrics of the collection waste color, in addition to natural, gray and black have prominence green, blue, coral and orange. It is composed of 3 qualities, all very upholstered but with a very curtain hand and fall. Buckingham is a geometric-modern, decontextualized and very impressive, for young-urban environments up to rustic-palatial. Aranjuez is a very versatile smooth of extraordinary hand, where the richness of its fibers, viscose, linen and cotton, intermingle creating a very attractive melange effect. Vechio is a jacquard that draws a small stepped border, a perfect complement to the Buckingham quality.




Spectacular fabric printed on a 100% cotton base that takes us back to another era and reminds us of a classic vegetable Jacquard. With a very fashionable vintage look. Suitable for upholstery and curtain.




Touareg has been produced with a wise combination of linen and viscose that is ideal and practical for daily use. Jacquard stripe woven horizontally.



Drawing of herons designed by the famous interior designer and television presenter Genevieve Gorder, who is also a great influencer with a large number of followers in social networks. This design is one of its hallmarks that comes to Europe from the hand of Güell Lamadrid. 3 colors: black flocked on cotton base, white printed with matte paste on viscose linen base and an original boiler color printed on the same linen-viscose base.




Collection of prints and smooth with filigree on linen and cotton that recall the classic Corinthian capitals. The combination of the print with plain fabrics and the current color palette that compose it achieve a balance between sobriety and luxury.


These sofas are iconic


The sofa of Dalí (1937)

Mae West Lips sofa is one of the most sensual pieces of furniture in history. It is a sofa designed by the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí made in a wooden structure upholstered in satin. It has the form of the actress Mae West that the artist adored. According to Dalí, the shape of the actress’ lips were so sensual and padded, that he daydreamed about them as if they were a giant bed.



The couch of Goya (1790-1800)

La maja desnuda is one of the most controversial paintings. Goya was the first painter to represent a naked woman, looking directly at the viewer, turning the green velvet couch on which he rests into an icon.



The couch by Sigmund Freud

The furniture that changed psychiatry. Freud thought of it as a very important element to promote his method, as it helped the patient to abstract from the environment and to say the first thing that came to mind. It consisted of three pieces: a head pad, a protective lining for the shoes and the extension where the patient reclined. The couch was covered with a Persian carpet and its location was also a great topic of concern for the psychoanalyst. In the end he decided to stand behind the couch, where he could listen without being seen.



The sofá-tub of Tiffany’s Breakfast

The couch of the eccentric Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) was nothing than a bathtub turned into a sofa and decorated with purple and fuchsia cushions to make it more comfortable. The bathtub is cut in half, keeping the taps and pipes, resting on two golden claw legs. It is unknown who is the author of this piece so great but you can recognize a clear New York pop art influence of the sixties.