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Wild Jungle: wild prints

Wild Jungle combines a figurative print with wild animals and African Savanna with a thicker one mimicking leopard skin. Classic and colonial air in the first one add value to the bold personality in the second. There is no doubt this is a jungle, full of contrast, exploration and adventure.

Discover the inspiration behind this collection.


Wild Jungle_25A5849

Wild Jungle_GL_25A5841

Wild Jungle_GL_25A5847


Wild Jungle according to an artwork

Portrait of Santón Darcagüey by Josep Tapiró. A realistic work by one of the best Spanish Orientalists. As in the animal print, it is figurative but rather exotic still today.




Wild Jungle according to a song

“Africa” by Toto. Childhood and exploration dreams. Hymns to be carried away to the unknown and classics that come back, as the leopard print.


Wild Jungle according to a movie

“The African Queen” by John Houston. The only Oscar Humphrey Boggart received was for his interpretation in this delicious adventure movie set in colonial Africa during the Great War.



Wild Jungle according to a city

Mombasa. The second city in Kenya is the entrance gate to the wildest Africa through one of the biggest harbours in the continent. The colonial legacy is still alive here offering a delicate balance between north and south.



What does Wild Jungle inspire to you?