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Windsor: a collection for kings of the house

Windsor is a collection composed by Buckingham, Aranjuez and Vecchio, combining geometric patterns, with a versatile plain, as well as a stepped border. A collection that combines tradition and modernity because it reminds us of the English palaces like Windsor Palace or Buckingham Palace and it is also a modern option to decorate any room.






Discover what references behind the collection.


Windsor as a masterpiece

“Queen Elisabeth” by Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol painted the Queen with colours and very basic geometric forms, transforming such an important icon as the Queen of England into a daily and modern expression through the Pop Art style. That versatility in the colours and its traditional-modern combination is what shares with the Windsor collection.




Windsor as a song

“Our House” by the English band Madness. The group performed this catchy song in 2012 on the roof of Buckingham Palace in a macro-concert to celebrate the 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Half a million attendees were there. An example of how tradition meets modernity in a unique event.



Windor as a movie

“The King’s Speech” by Tom Hooper. Tells the story of how the British monarch George VI had to overcome his stammer, after the abdication of his brother Edward VII to the throne. A film set in Buckingham Palace to make you dive into the elegance and tapestries that decorated their rooms.


El discurso del rey


Windsor as a city

Windsor, a small town in the county of Berkshire, UK. There is the famous Windsor Castle, one of the official residences of the British royal family. It is considered Europe’s most ancient palace. It has been inhabited since the XII century by numerous British monarchs. Imagine their interiors, carpets, curtains … Everything radiates majesty.